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into you

confidence is sexy.

not arrogance, mind you. nor presumptuousness.

knowing what you want, and risking failure–so admirable. flying in the face of logic is the only way to make progress. convention only reflects established knowledge. invention requires stepping outside of the known.

being daring does not assure attainment of a pre-determined outcome. but all the action happens outside of our comfort zones. and we all live in a world of intrigue. sometimes, we lose sight of that.

dare yourself to keep taking chances. remind yourself that you are alive. venture forth and find yourself in the journey.

you’d be surprised to discover the infinite power you hold. and find your curiosity piqued, imagining the outer limits.

who doesn’t love a good mystery?

one thing’s for certain. you can own an anthem of abandon at no cost. download, and name your price as $0.00

and if you are moved to throw some coins into our wishing well, that is most welcome

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