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you might imagine…

…that pursuit of intimacy is the province of men.

but the fairer sex of our species holds all of the cards in the game. it’s been said that “we chase women until they catch us.”

it’s all really a dance. we’ve been socialized into roles, but everyone has desires.

it’s easy to hide behind love to justify longing. but when it comes to sensuality, there’s no sin in sheer enjoyment for its own sake. is there?

maybe you do love that person who thrills you. maybe the thrills made you love that person.

maybe you love the thrills?

here’s a sonic thesis on the same topic, and you can add it to your music collection at no cost. download, and name your price $0.00 for more moonlight teases in your catalog:

and if you decide to throw a few pence in, no one will hold you back…

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