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confidence is sexy. not arrogance, mind you. nor presumptuousness. knowing what you want, and risking failure–so admirable. flying in the face of logic is the only way to make progress. convention only reflects established knowledge. invention requires stepping outside of the known. being daring does not assure attainment of a pre-determined outcome. but all the action happens […]

…that pursuit of intimacy is the province of men. but the fairer sex of our species holds all of the cards in the game. it’s been said that “we chase women until they catch us.” it’s all really a dance. we’ve been socialized into roles, but everyone has desires. it’s easy to hide behind love to justify longing. but […]

in Venice, Italy, a couple of guys were toying around with the MPC3000. they were part of a live band, and decided to fuse electronic methods with analog instrumentation. the method was by no means original or groundbreaking. but the mode of expression was arguably so. the guys incorporated Ableton Live, learned it on the fly. programmed […]